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<span>Information </span> Technology Information Technology

Information Technology

Mission of Information Technology offer the technical support for all systems that working in the center of the company and seismic crews(software ,hardware ) that using the advanced applications Geological , Geophysical , these  systems contains data bases for all used programs in exploration work.

Data technology department consist of four sections;

Maintenance section

  • This section offer technical maintenance for all systems are working in the center of the company through ;
  • The processing applications (omega, Geovation, Echo) and applications of Geophysics studies (Hamson Russl, Geoframe, peter) these applications are using in processing and interpretation seismic to issuance Geological studies, so offer the technical support for seismic crews that using (Geocluster, Geoland ) in quality control in the center of the company by using Geovon application field processing works, so system archiving data and studies (data bank )by using applications Esearch, Prosource and video and audio system in the meeting hall .so 3 visualization, the department so implements maintenance computers ,electronic tracer ,printers ,and set up (camera system , and audio system ).

 Programing section:

Mission of this section is preparing and design programs that serve the administrative  and financial side by developed languages besides sober data bases so offer the support the beneficiaries in printing the wanted (reports , statistics ), and hold training developing  courses for the staff of the company.

Archiving section:

Providing the beneficiaries departments the field data that had received from field operations via network.

Archiving seismic data on different places of storing for three copies.

Communication section:

Offer, technical support, maintenance. Supervising all departments of the company and seismic crews via internet and communication system for the (center of the company, Nahrawan, seismic crews, AL-wazeryia site)

So supervising the following systems:

  • Monitoring systems, video camera, at the different places of the company.
  • Video communication system at the center of the company , so seismic crews (video conference )