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<span>Information and Communication </span> Technology Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Department of Information and Communication Technology

The main mission of the department is to provide technical support for all the systems working in the company’s center and the seismic crews (SOFTWARE, HARDWARE), which use advanced geological and geophysical applications, as these systems contain databases for all software used in exploration work, as follows:

1- Processing applications (Echos, Geovation, Omega)

2- Applications of geophysical studies (Petrel, Geoframe, Hamson Russl).

These applications are used in the processing and interpretation of seismic data leading to the issuance of geological studies, as well as providing technical support to seismic crews working with quality control systems (Geoland, Geocluster) in field treatment works, as well as preparing and designing software that serves the administrative and financial aspects, as well as providing Internet service, supervising the interactive networks of the systems, supervising the company's website, storing seismic information (Raw Data) as an electronic archive and on several media, as well as providing technical support for the following systems:

1- The quality control system (Quality control) in the company's center using the Geovation application

2- A system of archiving information and studies (Data Bank) using Esearch, Prosource applications

3- Surveillance systems and video cameras at the company's various sites.

4- Video conference systems at the company's center and seismic crews working in Video Conference.

5- The video and audio systems in the meeting rooms and the hall of the 3D vision system 3D Visualization

Maintenance division

Providing technical support, maintenance and supervision to all departments of the company and seismic crews for the maintenance of computers, printers, photocopy devices, plotters, and installation of cameras and sound systems.

 The Maintenance Division consists of the following units:

 crews Support Team: Provides technical support for the maintenance of computers and as far as it is concerned with the Information and Communications Technology Department with regard to the systems in the geophysics unit and the survey unit and recording unit in the crews, also the cameras system and the sergeant system.

Microcomputer Maintenance Unit: Providing technical support for the maintenance of all microcomputers in the center and all sites of company, with UPS devices attached to them.

 Printers, photocopy and plotter devices maintenance unit: providing technical support for all printers, photocopy devices and drawing devices, video surveillance camera systems, sergeant system devices, training and meeting rooms and a 3D visualization hall in the company’s various locations.

Programing division:

This division is performing the following duties

  • Preparing and designing software that serves all department of the company in advanced languages in addition to solid databases.
  • Providing supports to the beneficiaries in the printing the required reports and statistics .
  • Holding development and training courses for the company employees.
  • Follow up on the programs that were previously prepared by the division via internet (on line).
  • Evaluation of the researches received from the higher authorities and related to our work.
  • Implementation of presentation and workshops for the systems that have been completed.

Communication Division:

Offering technical support, maintenance & supervision for all the departments of the company in addition to the seismic crews in matters related to the Internet and Communication systems , they are responsible for the H.Q. / AL-Waziriya / Nahrawan sites .

Their duties include but not limited to :

  • Maintaining and operating Video Conferencing Systems .
  • Cooperation and joint work for the camera surveillance systems .
  • Maintaining and programming MOTOROLA wireless communication units .
  • Supervising and support for the daily usage of internet in the sites of O.E.C. / daily work and QoS in addition to the cyber protection .
  • Supervising and technical support for the network and internal servers used in the specialized software licensed for our company .

 Systems management unit

Its tasks are to provide technical support (checking, operating, replacing licenses, data loading, installing interactive networks Backup) for the system servers.

1- processing systems: OMEGA system, GEOVATION system, ECHOS system

 2- Geophysical studies systems: GEOFRAME system, PETREL system, remote  sensing system (PCI, ERDAS system) HAMPSON RUSSL AVO, STRATA

 3- Geological studies systems: GEOFRAME system, PETREL system, TECLOG system

 4- The quality control system (Quality control) at the company's center using the GEOVATION application

 5- Data Bank system: PROSURCE system, ESEARCH system

 6- Surveillance and video cameras at the company's various sites

 7- Video communication systems at the company's center and seismic crews VIDEO CONFERENCE

8- Protect systems and programs against cyber attacks


Data archiving and e-mail unit:

It is one of the head units in the department and performs the following tasks

 1- Archiving the field raw data of the seismic crews sent by the Quality Control Department and the data sent by other companies, recording them on LTO magnetic tapes, numbering them and giving them a storage number, as well as storing them in the tapes store.

 2- Equipping data seismic lines (segy format) to the beneficiary departments in the company.

 3- Follow up on the work of emails on the official domain of the company ( by creating emails and increasing the storage space for emails as requested by the beneficiary.

 4- Providing technical support for the company's website