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<span>Evaluation</span> Geology Evaluation Geology

Evaluation Geology

Evaluation Geology department consist of three sections:

1-Reservoir Geology section.

2-Petroanalyses section.

3-Taboos for the lands of evaluation and exploratory regions

Reservoir Geology section works:

A-built Geology model (reservoir, static) by using (petrel) program

b- Calculation proven Hydrocarbon probable stock, so perspective stock. This unit is using (petrel) program. 

Petrophysic analysis section

This section is working on interpretation and using CPI computer petro physical interpretation, core analyzing, tests and drilling clays register to prepare interpreted log.

And reservoir characterization to determine the depth of the Hydrocarbon exist traditional and untraditional so the reservoir of underground water by using petrophysical applications for the (GeoFRAME) program and (Techlog) program.

So the section performing follow up developing and evaluation planes for the field of national efforts so developing fields within licenses contract round.

Taboos section for the lands of exploratory evaluation

The work of this section is issuance approval over establish projects for both private and public sector provided that to insure the preservation of sufficient areas to explore and evaluation the promised oil catcher underground.