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<span>Human Resources</span> Management department Human Resources Management Department

Human Resources Management department

The Human Resources Management Department performs the following tasks:

  1. Work with the updated personnel system, which includes the employee's complete information from the date of his appointment to retirement, archiving personal files for all company employees.
  2. Linking the incentives system in the finance department to the personnel system and feeding the system with information through the human resources management department instead of entering information by the finance department’s employees.
  3. Accomplishing retirement pension transactions (legal age, resigned, formerly leaving the job) and updating work methods by relying on the electronic system for completing retirement transactions, adding service to contracts, editing letters of thanks and punishments for all company employees, inclusion vacations according to an electronic system of various kinds And its adoption in auditing the incentive forms.
  4. Issuing IDs for all employees of the observation system, participating in Baghdad International Fair, providing all facilities for reception and farewell, in addition to preparing for meetings and invitations.
  5. Follow up on company qualification.
  6. Preparing service books and completing pension transactions for those who will be referred to retirement and have their records posted.
  7. Issuing administrative orders (normal, sick, maternity leave, monthly waiting period, health disability and marital accompaniment) and transferring the leaves according to a system designated for this purpose.
  8. Following up on academic vacations and students, and coordinating with universities regarding their continuation inside and outside Iraq and following them up.
  9. Issuing letters of thanks and punishments for company employees.
  10. Issuing administrative orders to send our affiliates inside and outside Iraq.
  11. Issuing administrative orders for forming committees and work teams according to work requirements.