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<span>Quality</span> Control Department Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department

The department had founded at the beginning of 2018 concerned auditing the technical output so follow up applying for the purpose of confirmation over the gained technical data quality and resurgence in the reality of technic work in the company.

The section consist of the following sections

  1. Design Section.

The work of the section is to prepare  2D ,3D seismic survey designs so implement private reports of projects by naming the wanted areas based on recommendation the Geological, Geophysical  studies,

Or extractive companies requests or licenses round companies.

The section concern him limiting type of survey whether   2D or 2D so determine the coordinates of (field, patch), Geological targets that wanted to survey coordinating with Geology Geophysics division.

 2. Field Data Section.

It’s one of the sections disciple to quality control department. The mission of the section is restricted by weekly, daily, auditing and inspecting for all field data that received from seismic crews then audited reports send to the management of the addition providing processing department and data communication technology department by checked data after the validation of quality control.

  1. Processed Data Section.
  • Auditing processing seismic data that received from processing department and try tests in order to improve the quality within annual plan.
  • Then to be sent to department of exploratory studies after the validation of quality control.
  • Post monthly, daily reports related to the section to planning division /department of planning and follow up.
  1. Interpreted Data Section.

The mission of the section (auditing, inspect) all (Geophysical studies. data) that received by the exploratory studies department tin the company that before the validation and issuing by quality control department.

Used (systems, programs) in the process of seismic data interpretation

  • System (Geoframe).
  • Program (petrel-2017).
  • System (Hampson Rusell).
  • Program (Geografix).
  1. Geological, Geophysics Studies Section.
  • The resurgence of the technic level  for Geological , Geophysical studies that received from the departments of the company within regulations of writing the technic report and (inspect, auditing )all data and studies and conducting (linguistic ,scientific ) audit and execute control works includes the control on the all steps of work so another control works in regulations of writing the study and the technic benefit of the study in addition the coordinating with planning developing  department in order to work on preparing Geological , Geophysics planes so and the joint studies  and review the studies that requested by the ministry and subsidiary before the sending includes common oilfield information and follow up by highest systems of work and register the remarks over workflow .
  • Developing the staff who working on preparing the studies through ;

Hold lectures and developing trainings so workshops with preparers the studies to discuss the planes and troubles and suggest a suitable solution in addition of preparing comprehensive Geological, geophysical study typical per year.

Performing management department its compares the international technology companies.

  • It is the first of its kind in Iraq

Data management section one of the effective department in processing division and data technology at oil Exploration Company. Main its work to archiving and store3 oil data (Geophysical, Geological) in standard formats in sober data base by special applications prepared by international companies.

  • Task of the department
  • Save all the documents and regulate the metaphor.
  • Modeling (maps, probes, seismic sections) and contributing of issuing designs of the seismic survey and areas of proposed studies.
  • Provide the technic department of the company the data by the provided links between specialized applications so via internal network.
  • Provide foreign requests by Geophysical, Geological data according to the proper approval.