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<span>Legal</span> Department Legal Department

Legal Department

Legal department concerned the legal consulting at Oil Exploration Company, so training the staff of the company who are specialized legal and contractual to raise their competency by preparing annual plan as follows:

-Show legal consultation in contracts domain and reply the imported enquiries that comes from all departments of the company and Governmental, Directorates, institutions, according to instructions are used and laws.

-Auditing the draft contracts that import to the department and confirming matching the contracts according to used legislation and standard documents then express their opinion over contracts.

-Following up all civilian, criminal lawsuits that behalf or against the company. In addition following police stations so investigation court

-Checking up the documents (accompanying to tenders) from issuer.

-Hold training courses to the staff of the company to increase legal awareness so that the employees know how to defaming against the issued decisions of investigation committee .so explain discipline law of Governmental employees ..

-Participate in membership of (legal, technic) committees.