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A word from the Director General of the OEC General Director's word

A word from the Director General of the OEC


The Oil Exploration Company is the cornerstone and the first building block for the oil industry, from which the spark of oil extraction starts to proceed on its journey to production and to end in marketing.

It is the responsibility of this company, whose main objective is to increase the hydrocarbon reserves, in addition to compensating the depleted of it.

It is from this main objective that the efforts of the sons of this prestigious company, whose origins extend in the roots of history to the sixties of the last century, will be launched.

During its course, it made many important achievements that placed the company in prominent positions on the map of the global oil industry through the introduction of all modern technologies and advanced software for exploratory operations, until the company became competitive with international companies in its field of work, and all this with 100% Iraqi efforts.

As the achievements made by this company were impressive and superior until they exceeded the standard accounts by completing their work and projects before the time set for them, and this indicates a high sense of responsibility for the sons’ company in implementing the plans for those works. These successes culminated recently in the modernization of the hydrocarbon map of Iraq, where (32) synthetic functions and (51) stratified phenomena were added, in addition to hundreds of explored oil functions.
In addition to hundreds of explored oil functions, all of this led to an increase in hydrocarbon and oil reserves, which thus pours into the crucible of the Iraqi economy, which positively affects the country's prosperity.

All the achievements were made in accordance with international standards and in accordance with the quality control programs that work on auditing the inputs and outputs of all geological and geophysical studies and joint studies.

As a result of this progress in the achievements of the OEC, which gave it a good reputation in this field, international companies accepted it to sign work contracts in preparation for seismic survey work and the joint studies for the purpose of evaluating the promising hydrocarbons for some exploratory patches.

The future vision of the OEC is launched to achieve the plans of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil to increase the hydrocarbon reserves, and the company remains the exploratory arm in the Ministry of Oil, which serves this country in raising the economic level of Iraq and its prosperity through the its sons’ efforts.