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Exploration Studies Exploration Studies

Exploration Studies

Exploratory Studies department-consist of four sections               

1-Geological Studies Section.

2-Completed Geological, Geophysical Studies Section.

3-Remote Sensor Section and Geological Information,

4-Drilling Wells Section.

Geophysical Studies Section

This section works on structural seismic interpretation and analysis the studied structural pattern by using two programs (petrel, Geoframe).

So the section works on interpretation of potential Geophysics like Gravity, Magnatic by using (Geosoft) program and another programs.

 Completed Geological, Geophysical Studies Section

This section is performing the seismic analyses (stratigrahic interpretation) by using (petrel).

And work on entire description for element so petroleum system process for the studied regions also determining  promising Hydrocarbon and locations of drilling wells , and risk elements in exploratory planes by using (petrel)program including (application PSQL) and (petro mod )program in case getting  license  of using this program. The section so performs the seismic interpretation for the purpose of (Reservoir characterization) and supporting the developing exploratory planes like interpretation seismic data 4D by using (HR) & (PETREL) programs.

Remote sensor section and Geography information

This section works on interpretation data sensor on the distance all its types by using the following programs (PCL ,AirDas,  Envi )so the section is preparing and managing data base for Geography information systems in a coordinating with data bank and field works division so drawing the maps for many purposes by (ArcGis).the section so play the role as Geologist in the evaluation exploratory of the drilling sites and complete the preparing the final Geology report, this unit uses on-site all Geological lab. Equipment so office work programs.

In addition the supervising , coordinating the work of drilling unit , so insurance the communication and follow upon distance ,also preparing the daily reports over drilling process to inform the upper management and specialists in the company.

By using (real time) application to follow up drilling process from special operating room in case possessing this application.