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Processing Processing


Processing department considers one of the important disciple to processing and data technology division at oil exploration company, the main task of this department is processing (the projects, seismic survey 2D, 3D) that comes from seismic crews, besides processing the data seismic.

The owners of the department 33 employee among them 24 working as processors for the projects and seismic data on the following systems (Omega, Geovation, Echos –Geodepth.

 Most important achievements:

1-the department earned international certification for quality (ISO9001; 2015).

2-developing Omega systems from the side of the programs and devices so installing advanced bundles.

3-inauguration Vista programs to complete the processing completely for vertical seismic survey.

4-auditing data for the interest of contracts and licenses in coordinates with data management department as follows:

  • AL-Nasryia field and what surrounded for the interest American Chevron Company.
  • Auditing data of mid Euphrates.
  • Auditing data of AL-mansouryia field.
  • Auditing data western desert more than 1000 seismic line.
  • Auditing of Okaz gas field.
  • Auditing the data of east Baghdad third south part.
  • Coordinating with data technology and communication to carry out the annual plan  the working  divergently because of covid-19