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<span>Information</span> Management Information Management

Information Management

It is the first of its kind in Iraq.

Information management department performance comparable to international technology companies

    The Information Management Department is one of the effective and important departments in the Processing and Information Technology Authority of the Oil Exploration Company. It specializes in organizing, archiving and preserving petroleum information (geophysical and geological) in standard formats in a solid database using specialized applications prepared by international companies.

Department tasks:

  • Save all types of documents and organize their borrowing.
  • Digitizing Data of Well Logs, Maps and Seismic Lines and contributing to set seismic survey designs and proposed study areas.
  • Providing technical departments in the company with information through the available links between specialized applications, as well as through the internal network.
  • Providing external requests with geophysical and geological information according to the proper approvals.

A summary of the tasks and duties of the Information Management Department

The department consists of three branches and a head unit:

First - Data Bank Division

1- Geological Applications Management Unit

Unit tasks:

-Organizing, following up and checking the information loaded to the applications of the Geological Information Bank system, which is specialized in archiving the following:

  1. Well information (ProSource Enterprise/PSE).
  2. ProSource Log / PSL information.

 -Preparing templates, building control files, and giving permissions to users of geological applications.

 - Archiving (Petrel) projects for studies issued by the company using the (Studio) application.

 - Preparing and delivering requests for digital geological information or exporting them to (Petrel) projects using the (PSFO) application, according to requests and proper approvals.


2- Geophysical Applications Management UnitUnit tasks:-Organizing, following up and checking the information loaded to the application for archiving geophysical information (ProSource Seismic/PSS).- Digitizing contour maps (depth and time), projecting survey designs, studies and exporting the required maps by (ArcGis, NeuraMap) applications.- Delivery of digital geophysical information requests (2D & 3D SEGY) according to the proper requests and approvals.

Second - Division of Preparing and loading Information

1- Preparing and loading geological and geophysical documents Unit

Unit tasks:

- Preparing documents including improving electronic copies, renaming and converting them into standard formats, preparing Excel tables according to their types, and loading them to the (eSearch) application.

- Digitizing the seismic sections of the missing lines using the (SEISTRAK) program.

- Delivery of electronic information according to requests and proper approvals.


2- Preparing and loading geophysical and well information Unit

Unit tasks:

- Preparing and loading well information to (ProSource Enterprise/PSE) application, which includes preparing final Excel tables from well reports and loading them.

- Preparing geophysical information to be in a standard format and loading them to the (PSS) application.

- Work within the specialized committees to check and approve geological and geophysical information before loading.


Third - Central Documents Division

 1- Electronic Documentation UnitUnit tasks:- Classifying, organizing and auditing geological, geophysical and field documents of all types ( paper, transparent and microfilm), maintaining damaged documents and preparing Excel tables for them.- Scanning all types of documents and converting them into electronic format through the scanning system and microfilm system, in addition to converting the files of the company departments to  electronic format.- Printing and copying all kinds of maps and sections for the technical departments.

2- Central Library and Barcode Unit

 Unit tasks:

- Receiving, indexing and borrowing geological and geophysical documents in the central document library, according to requests and proper approvals.

- Customizing, printing and stick barcodes for all types of documents using a specialized system (Zebra) with preparation Excel tables for it.

Fourth - Logs Unit (Head unit)

Unit tasks: - Collecting transparent, paper and electronic well logs from the department's library, the library of RFD  and other oil sector companies. - Scanning well logs with preparing Excel tables to archive them in (eSearch) application.- Digitizing logs to convert them into (LAS) format with adding basic log information (Log Header) to make it in a standard format.- Working within the audit committee and approving well logs Digitizing.- loading well log information to the data bank system (ProSource Log / PSL) application.- Delivery of digital information (LAS) according to requests and proper approvals.