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<span>Air Transport Department</span> Air Transport Department

Air Transport Department

Air Transport Department

((Tasks and duties of the Air Transport Department))

Due to the requirements of work in the Air Transport Department, the two sections described below were formed as follows:

  1. The Technical Section is responsible for:

- Maintenance of aircraft, repair of malfunctions, conducting periodic inspections according to the time and flight hours through (the Aeronautical Engineering Unit).

- Storing spare parts according to the contexts and providing them from their internal and external sources, operating special vehicles, aircraft drag vehicles through (the air Supplying and ground missions Unit).

Therefore, the work of the Technical Section leads to the readiness of aircraft.

2-The Aviation Section through which: -

- Managing the air operations, obtaining flight approvals and following up the movement of aircraft, landing and flight sites (airstrips) through (The Operations Unit).

- Following-up the safety of aircraft, their locations and how the staff obtained training certificates and permits of work on the aircraft according to the global aviation contexts, in addition to following up the physical check-ups for the pilots and their performance, providing the necessary equipment for safety of the aircraft and people through (The Air Safety Unit).



((Tasks and duties of the Engineering Unit))

- Following up the validity of aircraft and making sure of their readiness with the highest grades to implement the official duties assigned to the Department.

- Completion of all periodic inspections and specified with time and calendar.

- Repairing all emergency malfunctions that may occur during the execution of duties or during periodic ground operation provided in the technical maintenance letters of aircraft.

- Following up the completion of the unit’s daily works and overcoming the emergency difficulties by finding appropriate solutions for them.

- Speed in completing the unit's mail of our company.

- Following up the receipt of the spare parts required by US according to the Third Amendment signed with Airbus Company.

- Following-up the activation of the logistic support contract for providing spare parts for aircraft for (five years) from Airbus Company.

- Repairing of unfamiliar malfunctions by contacting the website of the equipped company and sending a (TECHNICAL REQUEST).

- Following-up the chronological and calendar ages of aircraft and their entitlements of periodic inspections in the technical maintenance letters of the body and engines, documentation of aircraft operating data in the aircraft records and updating the plates of technical control.

 - Following up the mandatory and technical improvements issued by Airbus Company and determining the extent of the comprehensiveness of our aircraft, in addition to following up the emails of the above company and SAFRAN Company for aircraft engines and taking what is necessary in this regard by the engineers of our department.

- Determining the efficiency of the technicians working on the aircraft of our company continuously by explaining all the inspections in a practical way by the engineers working in our department, in addition to the theoretical and practical lectures that are given to them constantly.

- Preparing and inspecting aircraft and filling them with fuel to implement all official duties of transporting officials and maintaining all specialized vehicles and ground operators.

((Tasks and duties of the air Supplying and ground missions Unit))


- Receiving spare parts for aircraft and other equipment,  and storing them according to the applicable contexts.

- Inventory control by conducting periodic inventories and enhancing the maximum and minimum balance.

- Providing the required conditions and appropriate conditions for storing materials according to their quality, including (appropriate factors – lighting - ventilation – cooling).

- Reducing the storage and the amount of invested capital to a minimum using the correct storage methods.

- Maintaining materials from damage and loss by renewing responsibilities and setting an accurate system for the mechanism of receipt and delivery.

- Providing data for the stored Reserve materials, following them up in terms of the calendar and time ages of those materials and indicating the stagnant balances.

- Following safety procedures and taking security precautions for stores such as (providing fire extinguishing means, sealing doors, means of safety of workers and others).

- Providing handling equipment of materials, shelves and containers suitable for storage.

- Sending idle materials for repairing inside and outside the country.

- Disposal of consumable and out-of-Service materials according to the original contexts.

- Organizing regular, annual and immediate requests for spare parts in coordination with the beneficiaries.

- Providing appropriate warehouses according to the storage conditions for oils, spare parts and elastic materials.

- Providing the required logs, store cards and documents to control the movement of materials.

- Taking out the spare parts received at the border ports through the General Division for customs.

 2- Fuel: -

- Supervising the equipping of EC-145 helicopters of our company with fuel of (civil/ JETA-1 / and military / JP-8) from the equipped parties and following up the equipment continuously to ensure that the above aircraft tanks are filled with the required quantity to carry out duties at any time.

- Checking the prepared fuel for aircraft with the receipting of the fuel validity form from the equipped party in addition to periodic inspection and inspection before official duties.

- Following-up the administrative matters of providing and receipt the fuel (checking and approving the receipt documents, following up the payment of fuel to the providing parties, preparing the lists of the providing quantities and estimating the annual need for fuel with other parties.

- Participation in committees, seminars and courses concerning with fuel.


3-The ground tasks / following-up all technical matters about specialized vehicles such as maintenance, inspection and administrative matters, including the following:

- Fuel vehicles number/ 2 is under receipt from the equipped company.

- Ground actuators number / 3 (1) has been received and (2) are under receipt from the equipped company.

- Operator of (3 FACE) used for (aircraft inspection + operation).

- Aircraft towing vehicle number / 4 (1) has been received and (3) is under receipt from the equipped company.

- Aircraft towing vehicles number /8.

- Transmissions number/2 set (4 transmissions for each set).

  ((Tasks and duties of the aviation section))

 - Receiving all notifications related to the implementation of any duty from the beneficiaries and obtaining the official approvals from the aviation concerned parties.

- Informing the beneficiary of obtaining official approvals and Flight Readiness.

- Preparing a flight plan with the pilots with all required supplies.

- Coordinating with the engineering and technical staff to prepare the aircraft well before flight.

- Accurate, safe and timely execution of duties.

- Preparing post-flight reports and submitting them to the department’s manager.

- Supervising the development of the pilots’ efficiency through lectures, practical and systematic training for existing and new staff, which will be added to the Department.

- Conducting periodic tests for new staff according to a prepared curriculum to keep up with their information continuously.

- Involving pilots in development courses inside and outside Iraq to keep pace with the development of aviation science.

- Continuing cooperation and communication with the Civil Aviation Authority and aviation safety about the registration of aircraft and approving the proposed airstrips.

- Continuing cooperation with the Air Force Command and the Army Aviation Command according to the protocol signed with them.

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