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Planning and Follow-up Planning and Follow-up

Planning and Follow-up

Planning division concerned of preparing the annual plan (production, investments, operational) and developing training plans that related to the company.

Tasks follow up and planning:

  • Collect and preparing annual plan for investment projects of the company and send that to (studying, planning , follow up ) for validating by ministry of planning , in addition preparing schematic plan (operation ,capital )of the company and send the plan to financial department in order to be classified financial account.
  • Follow up performing the paragraphs of operational , investment plan by preparing ,monthly – seasonally –reports  then send that to (follow up , planning , studding ) directorate in addition other reports belong to the following directorate (internal super vision , financial account )
  • Preparing (the annual plan, five years production plan) for the divisions and departments of the company so observing the performance and modify the deviations in order to reach the planned targets of the company by preparing annual, monthly, biweekly reports and send that to the office of oil minister agent of extraction fairs and so to involved directorates in addition the daily reports register the activities of divisions and departments of the company.
  • Preparing operational ,investment plan so report includes  monthly activity  of the project whether operational or investment in addition preparing monthly report over follow up of the investment balances and operational.
  • Preparing investment curriculum and rates of spending and financial achievement for investment projects in order to support data base, in addition biweekly report, following up performing the requests that related to (operational, capital) budget.
  • Preparing seasonally work report to the investment projects so preparing seasonally report to the wanted paragraphs to be implemented related to (capital, operational) budget.
  • Preparing office forms to follow up performing investment budget projects.
  • Preparing graphic analyses for Geological studies and seismic crew.
  • Preparing report includes the productiveness. Profits and expenses of seismic crew that carried out the program and relocation to another site.
  • Preparing annual, monthly, fortnightly reports of the carried out projects by divisions and departments of the company and the achieved rate for each project.
  • Prepare production schedules of the implanted works, calculation of completion percentages and so reply over all inquiries of financial supervision directorate.
  • Preparing daily reports that related to the divisions and departments and upload on net (nexcloud) & (thunderbird) and enter the daily activities on the official website of the ministry of oil &so on the website of the company.
  • Convert all the imported circulars to planning department to (pdf) form.
  • Enter the monthly production information of seismic crew within special equation in order to calculate the greatening related to the monthly incentives.
  • Prepare monthly report related to data base for productiveness investment belong to the company and send that report to the office of oil ministry: technical follow up team.
  • Prepare reports to be sent to office of agent of oil ministry for extraction fairs over the delayed projects if found.
  • Prepare correspondence related to the Iraqi joints committees.