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The work of Lab. Department begins with beginning of drilling exploratory well by preparing study report over –environmental impact for the sites of drilling wells.

When the drilling of exploratory finish ,begins receiving the core, rocky cutting and oil examples ,accompanying waters ,  then the  section of preparing the samples performs the modeling works  and takes the plugs so works anatomy rocky core and provide  all sections of the department the wanted samples ,after performing the work on the samples would be prepared objects for all examinations ,analyzing , by Lab . devices so the works core discretion , in case of getting  the wanted results from all examples in order it would be ready to prepare Geological ,Geochemical  studies for the exploratory wells .in addition to that the Lab , department performs checks and analyzing also works  rocks slides and provide the researcher by examples so provide the Graduate students ,so petroleum  companies .the department yearly receive institutions and universities students within training program In the summer break according to official procedures.

 The department consist of management unit and four sections:

1-Geochemical section.

2-petrophysics section.

3-preparing samples section.

This section is preparing the samples in order to provide the sections of the departments by samples by the samples, ideals to make examination and analyses. So provides the graduate students and requesting sides by rock slides or samples according to fundamentalism approval.

4-sedimentology and facies analysis section.

Preparing Geological static includes (sedimentology and facies analysis) for petroleum fields and structures not drilled and exploratory patches according to the annual plan of Geology division.