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OEC Ministry of Oil

In 1964, the National Oil Company has been established, as one of its arms was the Oil and Gas Exploration Corporation, which later became the Oil Exploration Company, and it is one of the oldest national companies active in the fields of exploration and evaluation of oil and gas throughout Iraq, where 12 seismic crews were formed and worked from 1970 to 1986; nine seismic crews worked by drilling method, three crews (two agricultural and one amphibious).

The Iraqi National Oil Company had been frozen in 1987, the formations associated with it were dismantled, and the General Facility for Oil and Gas Exploration was renamed to the Oil Exploration Company.

The company, with its scientific and technical cadres and its capabilities, was able to carry out many seismic surveys in Eastern Baghdad, Balad and Samarra, most of the Iraqi lands were surveyed using a 2D seismic survey, and in 1990 the first 3D survey was conducted in the Kefel Oil Field, and a survey of 80% of Iraqi Oil production from intake reservoirs and major limestone in the Kerkuk Field and Zubair Sandstone in the Rumaila and Zubair fields.

The company always seeks to maximize hydrocarbon resources and compensate the depleted by finding a balance between production and added hydrocarbon storage, and thanks to the exceptional efforts of the company’s affiliates, it has become one of the international companies in the field of exploration and it is a public company that is financially, administratively and technically independent.

 The responsibility entrusted to it, is to explore and evaluate oil and gas complexes based on the law of preserving hydrocarbon wealth no. (84) of 1985 using the latest available technologies and through a national technical cadre with highly specialized expertise, especially in the fields of Geology, Processing and Interpretations, Field seismic surveys and Laboratories supported by cadres engineering, legal, financial, administrative and service.

 After 2003, the seismic crews were rebuilt and the first seismic crew was put into operation and equipped with the latest 3D seismic scanning techniques. The number of currently operating seismic crews is 8 seismic crews, and these seismic crews use the latest systems and software in addition to engineering equipment and modern transport units to support the seismic survey process.

 There are many factors that make the Oil Exploration Company at the forefront of companies qualified to work in the region, including:

  1. The very modern technologies used in its work, which are considered the last fruits of global technology.
  2. Development and modification of this technology to suit the climatic and topographical conditions of the region.
  3. Reliance on a national cadre with high experience in the Geology of Iraq and the Middle East.
  4. Exerting vigorous efforts to develop its cadres in all technical, administrative, legal and financial disciplines.
  5. The company owns a large number of Exploratory Geophysical and Geological data fields that were obtained during nearly half a century of Exploration activity and stored in the company's data bank, which is the largest and most advanced in the Oil sector.

 The seismic survey achieved impressive results, represented by the discovery of hundreds of oil fisheries, including (West Qurna, Majnoon field, Eastern Baghdad ... and others). Each discovery requires drilling one or more exploration wells to evaluate the discovery. Indeed, hundreds of exploration and evaluation wells have been drilled. It is worth noting that the seismic surveys of both dimensions, 2D and 3D, are financed from the company's budget, while drilling operations are funded from the budgets of companies whose structures are located within their areas of operation.

The company obtained a quality management system certificate (ISO 9001: 2015), which qualified it to compete with major international companies in the field of seismic surveying, so it obtained many tenders to implement seismic survey work for the benefit of international companies in oil fields and exploration patches in the lands of the Republic of Iraq.

In implementation of the Ministry’s directives in cooperation with academic institutions in Iraq, the Oil Exploration Company puts its expertise and offers its services at all times to provide assistance to graduate students for all colleges and universities in Iraq as a contribution to the development of competencies and experiences in the country, and provides training opportunities for most of the exploratory process sessions, laboratory analyzes, and offers analysis and studies related to the areas to be explored.


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