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<span>Materials</span> and Purchasing Department Materials and Purchasing Department

Materials and Purchasing Department

Materials and Purchasing Department                                       


Supplying all the company’s divisions and departments with equipment, devices, licenses, modern software and consumable supplies, as well as providing the technical departments’ needs with devices, updates, and software to sustain and develop the workflow to reach a high level of speed and accuracy in production, through preparing orders and executing foreign and local contracts based on the fundamental instructions and controls.

1 - Department Manager:

Managing and directing the department’s sections directly based on the instructions and controls of the federal government and the directions issued by Senior Management and the decisions of the company’s board of directors, and membership of committees that have direct contact with the implementation of contracts and the completion of orders.

 2 - Administration and Translation Unit: -

Receiving and delivering official letters and correspondence, performing the administrative works related to the department office, preparing response letters and circulars within the department, and archiving mail, in addition to incoming translation work.

 3 - Foreign Purchasing Section: -

Preparing tenders and organizing foreign contracts for orders exceeding 100 million and following up their procedures based on the Instructions for Implementing Government Contracts No. 2 of 2014 and the instructions of the Ministry directorates and the Ministry of Planning with following up the implementation of contracts until they are fully completed. It consists of two units:

  • Tenders Unit
  • Contracts and Commercial Correspondence Unit

4 - Local Purchasing Section: -

Providing the company’s departments and divisions with all their needs for local orders and contracts whose amount is less than (100) million, as well as supplying stationery for all the company’s formations.

It consists of two units:

  • Local Contracts Unit
  • Orders and Settlement Unit


5 - Stores Control Section: -

Arranging  all electronic enhancement orders in addition to coding the materials entering the stores and including them in the stores program, in addition to store receipt documents. It consists of three units:

  • Computer and Stores Enhancement Unit
  • Materials Bonding Engineering Unit
  • Stationery Store Unit


6- Customs Clearance Section: -

 Following up the clearance of foreign contract shipments from various border ports. It consists of two units:

  • Clearance Unit
  • Translation and Task Facilitation Unit

7 - Central Stores Section: -

 Receiving and inventorying all orders and contracts, transferring the company’s machineries and writing-off materials, storing, preserving, and delivering them to the requesting parties as needed. It consists of three units:

  • Administrative Unit
  • Reception and Store-Protection Unit.
  • The Central Stores Unit. It consists of eight stores: the receiving store, the supplies and equipment store, the written-off materials store, the oils and batteries store, the drilling, boats and multi terrain vehicle store, the vibrators, engineering equipment and generators store, the spare parts of heavy vehicles store, the spare parts of light cars store.

 8 - Following-Up Section: -

 Creating a database that includes all contract information, archiving all new documents that are added to contract files periodically, preparing a report for seizures program and the black list for (companies, banks, individuals), providing the relevant divisions, departments and committees with a periodic updated report, and taking procedures for companies that complete their taxation and clearance from the Social Security Directorate for contracts concluded in previous years, as well as preparing tax accounting forms for new contracts and preparing (monthly, quarterly, annual) reports related to the department. It consists of two units:

  • Following-Up Unit for Import Contracts and Local Orders.
  • Following-Up Unit for Store Control, Customs Clearance and Stores.