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<span>Public Relations and Media </span> Department Public Relations and Media Department

Public Relations and Media Department

It is one of the head departments in Oil Exploration Company, and the link between the divisions and departments in the company. Its primary function is to highlight the company’s activities and achievements in an appropriate manner in front of the community and other institutions inside and outside. It consists of four sections:

 1- Public Relations Section

 2- Media Section.

3- E-logging System Section.

4- Permissions and Liability Section.

Tasks of the Public Relations Section:

 - Preparing reports of the E-logging system.

- Preparing protection regiment letters for the entry and exit of people, company representatives, vehicles, and materials.

 - Receiving tenders from the companies and submitting them to the tender opening committee.

- Issuing identification cards for employees working in the company on a permanent basis, contract, or daily wage.

- Preparation, prior coordination and supervision on organizing conferences, events, workshops, fairs, seminars and various activities held in the company and its affiliated sites.

- Organizing ceremonies, seminars and Board of Directors meetings.

 - Receiving delegations, official persons and foreign companies.

- Granting entry permits (visa) for Arab and foreign experts and following up with embassies in this respect.


 Tasks of Media Section //

 Introducing the company’s role and achievements, and striving for giving a positive image of it to the internal and external public. The Media Section includes three units: the news editing unit, the photography and montage unit, and the management and printing unit. The Media Section works on communication with national and foreign companies inside and outside through exchanging Publications, and sending the company’s news and activities to various media outlets. Its duties are as follows:

- Preparing and editing news and reports in Arabic and English, and publishing them on the company’s website and local newspapers daily.

 - Communicating with journalists and the media to publish the company’s activities and achievements, following up the public opinion trends about the company’s various activities and achievements and following up the news published about the company on satellite channels and social networking sites, monitoring and documenting them.

- Designing and printing the issuing informational brochures and folders, which reflect the company’s various activities and achievements.

 - Media documentation (video and photography) for the company’s activities, its affiliated sites, and seismic crews.

 - Supporting the Public Relations Section in implementing and organizing events and conferences.

- Printing various brochures, studies, and other types of publications for the company’s divisions, departments, and seismic crews.

Tasks of the E-logging System Section //

- Recording regular and sick leaves, temporal time off, and official duties into the system for employees working at the company’s headquarters and its affiliated sites.

- Managing of the E-logging program for employees.

- Recording the daily situation of guards, breaks, and administrative orders into the system of employees working at the company’s headquarters and its affiliated sites.

- Archiving the administrative orders contained in the database of archiving the E-logging System.

- Following- up with (Finger Tec) Company, the manufacturer of fingerprint devices and software, to find out the latest developments and update the software.

- Training employees working in seismic crews on fingerprint devices and their software.

 Tasks of the Permissions and Liability Section//

- Preparing security permissions for appointment to permanent staff, contracts, wages, transfer, placement, study leaves, reinstatement, and assuming tasks (taking over the position).

- Preparing security permissions for arrested, detainees, and convicts.

- Obtaining security approvals for companies.

- Issuing written pledge forms (Liability and justice procedures).

- Informing employees who are required to attend to the Liability and Justice headquarters.