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Seismic crew <span>in all Iraq</span> Seismic Crew

Sixth seismic crew (2 D)

(2D) Sixth Seismic Crew
The 6th seismic crew which operates with 2D system has been founded at the second quarter of 2015, it implemented its first project in al-Samawah desert, and started producing in 18/8/2015, the crew is working with vibrators as a source of energy with the latest systems and devices that supplied from great companies, and operating by specialist staff that trained for operating & maintenance .
Implemented projects:
• Name of Project : 2D (Block 11) Date of starting work (18/08/2015)
• Name of Project : 2D (West of Najaf project) Date of starting work (17/09/2017)
• Name of Project : (Samawah-Najaf (south west of Um Khashaf structure) Date of starting work (29/06/2018)
• Name of Project : 2D (Milh - Ramdhaa project) Date of starting work (15/09/2020)

Devices & systems used in seismic crew’s units
1-qaulity control unit
• device (Geoland system), Type (HP Workstation Z800), software (V5 Geoland software V.5.1), number (1), the use (Fixing coordinates of point & design), status (valid), origin (CGG).
• device (Geocluster system), Type (HP Workstation Z800), software (V5 Geocluster software V.5.1), number (1), the use (Field processing & QC), status (valid), Origin (CGG).
• device (NAS Storage), software (LINUX), number (1), the use (STORE +TRANSFER), status (valid), Origin (CGG).
2-surveying unit
The used devices
• Devices (GPS Leica viva GS 15 BASE) type (GS15) number (2) the use (Satellite’s locations with accuracy 1mm) made (Switzerland).
• Devices (GPS Leica viva GS 15 ROVER) type (GS15) number (5) the use (Satellite’s locations with accuracy 1mm) made (Switzerland).
• Devices (Radio BASE ADL) the use (Communications) made (Switzerland) number (4).
• Devices (Leica viva controller GS15) number (7) type (GS1) the use (Location Adjustment) made (Switzerland).
• Devices (Garmin GPS MAP) number (10) type (78s) the use (Location identify with error percentage 5m) made (Germany).
• Devices (Garmin GPS MAP( number (3) the use (Location identify with error percentage 5m) made (Germany).
Used programs
• GPseismic with dungal, License (2013 license) model (12).
• (Leica Geo office), model (8.3).
• Arc Map (GIS), model (10.1).
• Export GPS and Easy GPS.
• AutoCAD 2019.
3- Recording unit
• (create SEG-D) type (Workstation HP Z 800 & Processing Data ) Item (Server 428) Job configuration, no Specification (Workstation : sun or PC desktop or laptop, depending on mono-processor dual disk 4 GB for screen required solaris blade 2500 or ultra 45 to 4.000 channels – 2 MS Blade 2500 or ultra 45 impulsive operations and vibroseis up GP for impulsive operations up to 1.000 channels -2 ms bi-procesor dual disk 8 server operating system: solaris 8 or 10, Linux Red Hat WS4 Software: e-428. (428 lite). (local or remote clients software, performing data computation, storage and handling of
• (show all operation on system) type (workstation HP Z 420) Item (client 428) job operating system: windows 2000, XP, Linux Software: e-428 client) specification be running on the software, performing operator interface and parameters display. It can channels @ 2 Ms on a IBM Zpro 9228 server machine for small configurations (i.e. 2000 mono-processor).
• SEG-D Type (workstation HP Z 800) specification & item (SQC) Job (show all records operating system Linux 5.8)).
• Send it by Radio to Vibrators, type (DPG 432) & Pilot item (DPG) Job (create V6.2 COMPATIBLE WITH 428 SYSTEM) SPECIFICATION.
• (Line data ) type (10000 channels) specification (field & instruments item (LCI) Job (Get LCI-428) can be unit’s management, up to 10.000 channels real time @ 2 ms. Up to 10 time @ 2 ms. Operating voltage: linked together to handle up to 100.000 channels real consumption: 7 W operating temperature: 0 to +45C 110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz power 483 temperature: -40 to +70 C Dimensions (HxWxD): 2U 19” rackable, 86.1 x storage .x420.7 mm (19x16.5 x 3.4 in.) Weight: 4.1 kg (9.0 lbs.)

• (SEG-D) Type (NAS 4000) Specification (connect 2 devices in item (NAS) Job (Store drives: listed in compatibility list NAS 428XL System, tape.
4-recording workshop unit
• Device ( SGT) the use (Checking up clusters of Geophones).
• Devices (line tester) the use (For checking up cables 428).
• Devices (TMS 428) the use (for checking up lool & lux devices).
• Devices (molding) the use (For casting cables 428).
• Devices (Viber optic) the use (Maintenance Viber optic cables).
• Devices (Megger) the use (For checking clusters’ dielectric).
5-vibreators mechanics unit
The vibrators… type (Nomad 65 sercel)
Programs that the 6th seismic crew is currently implementing First – (2D) Tabeer - Shibl program (a national effort):
The Tabeer-Shibl project is located in the southwestern part of Iraq within the administrative borders of Najaf province, its western part is about 45 km from the Iraqi-Saudi borders, and the eastern part of the project is about (85 km) from the center of Najaf province.
- The length of the program lines is (2876) km / length, and the number of program points is (115004) energy points.
- Working on the program began on 27/11/2021.
- The completed volume reached (192) km / length, and the number of recorded points was (6272) energy points.
- Working on the program stopped on 4/3/2022, and the 6TH crew moved to the participate with the 2nd crew to implement the Haifa Program and to start surveying the part allocated to the (Block 2) crew. The crew's transmission period was (29) days, with self-efforts.
Second – (2D) Haifa (Block 2) program (national effort): According to the plan of Oil Exploration Company to survey the gas blocks in western and southwestern of Iraq, and after obtaining approvals from Al-Najaf Governorate, the staff of the 6th Seismic crew was assigned to carry out seismic survey operations for the 2D Haifa project to complete surveying for this project before the planned time. Coordination has been made between the two crews by dividing the project into two parts, the 6th Seismic crew will survey the southwestern part of it, which is adjacent to the Iraqi-Saudi borders.
- The crew started the survey operations for the second part (Block-2) on 02/04/2022
- The volume of the Sixth crew, Block 2, was (1990.5) km / length, and the number of points was (39,810) points.
- The volume achieved until 31/12/2022 was about (1021) km / length, and the number of points recorded was (20445) points.
-The percentage of completion of Block 2, was (51%).
The crew was able to achieve positive implementation and achieve the annual plan issued by the Planning Division, with a completion rate of (102%) of the annual plan for 2022.

Statas of the program :
The beneficiary : Oil Exploration Company (a national effort). Project Name / Country: 2D Haifa Block 2/ Iraq
seismic survey type: 2D
Province : Al-Anbar- Najaf
The implementing crew: the 6th seismic crew
Transfer date for the program: 06/03/2022
Field tests date: 01/04/2022
The starting date of the survey operations: 30/03/2022
The starting date of recording operations: 02/04/2022
The project volume: 1990.5 km
The total number of energy Points : 39810
The number of points recorded during the year: 24128 points The volume of the implemented part during the year:1147.4 km Program completion rate of Block: 51%
Crew type: vibrators
The camp type: mobile / caravans