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With high professionalism, the VSP crew carries out a EBSZ_12 well survey within the East - Baghdad field


With a great effort and in record time, the VSP crew completed the survey of the EBSZ_12 well located within the East- Baghdad field in two ways, the first was (zero offset) and the second was (far offset), a distance of 50m  from the other well hole. The implementation of the work, which continued for non-stop five days, was characterized by high precision where the recordings Followed up online by an expert in VSP and a specialized staff from the Institute of Geological Studies in China, as well as representatives of the Chinese company.

The Chinese company EBS expressed its admiration for the achieved recordings and results, describing them as excellent, and expressed its thanks and appreciation to the senior management of Oil Exploration Company and the staff of the VSP crew for their cooperation and integrated work with high efficient, in addition to the excellent experiences of the staff of the crew and the modern equipment that contributed in Completing the work in a short time.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese company EBS used vertical surveying technology after facing many difficulties in solving the field’s geological problems and managed to overcome the obstacles through VSP crew which its results were characterized by high accuracy. The company was also presented a letter of thanks to the crew’s staff for their great cooperation in carrying out the work entrusted to them.

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