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The Training and Development Department and its role in promoting the establishment of scientific knowledge to keep pace with the wheel of development

The Training and Development Department / one of the formations of the Planning Division is distinguished in developing and training the cadre by attracting scientific competencies from the company and investing their experiences in developing the practical and scientific reality of the company by holding training courses in various specialties.

- In 2020, the department implemented 20 on-site training courses for various specialties, with a total of 318 participants, and also implemented many seminars, workshops, 25 lectures with a total of 815 participants.

- The department implemented 28 electronic training courses in various specialties, with a total of 1108 participants representing 58% of the company’s employees, and 63% of the Field Work Division’s staff.

And this department continues to hold courses despite the challenges of the current stage of the outbreak of the Corona Epidemic.

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