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The Processing and Information Technology Division organizes a lecture

According to the development in modern communications technology, the Processing and Information Technology Division organizes a lecture entitled (Modern communications systems by using (Lora ) technology and its applications in the sectors in general and the oil sector in particular)

Within the directions of the senior management of Oil Exploration Company to use modern communications technology in completing its various works, the Processing and Information Technology Division / Information Technology and Communications Department presented a lecture about the study entitled (PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT OF LORA COMMUNICATION USING INTERLEAVED CHIRP SPREADING LORA WITH GRAY CODING) submitted to Turkish Altinbash University, where the lecture discussed (modern communications systems by using Lora technology and its applications in sectors in general and oil sector in particular) presented by Mr. Zaid J. Kammouna on Mon. 20/11/2023 at Muhammad Fawzi Hall.
The lecture was attended by the DG’s Assistant for Administrative Affairs, Mr. Hussein S. Odeh, the manager of the Processing and Information Technology Division, Mrs. Raghad Kraidy, the manager of the Information Technology and Communications Department, the manager of the Programming Section, and a number of specialists in the company’s divisions and departments.
The lecture aims to introduce how to use the modern systems in OEC and benefit from them in several fields, the possibility to apply them, and how to use clean energy in the company with the importance of its use.
The Oil Exploration Company is a pioneer among other oil companies in using advanced technologies in terms of communications and modern programs in carrying out its works, as modern communications technology has contributed significantly in increasing productivity and completing works.
Also, working with the electronic governance system and automating information systems reflects positively on the development of institutional work, simplifying procedures, reducing work costs and raising the level of performance, as well as speeding up completion by reducing time and effort.
It is worth noting that our company obtained the first place in the oil sector in preparing the electronic systems applied in the company with (19) systems, including in the field of electronic automation, which qualified it to obtain a letter of thanks and appreciation from the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil, Mr. Hayan Abdul-Ghani, addressed to the senior management of OEC, represented by the Director General of the company and the employees working in the Information Technology Department of the Processing and Information Technology Division, and the Quality Section, in appreciation of the distinguished efforts made in applying electronic systems.

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