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The Geology and Geophysics Division Held a Scientific Lecture about (COBRA PLUG-IN GPR KIT) Device

Under the directives of OEC Senior Management to raise the scientific level and develop the competencies of OEC's employees, a scientific lecture about (COBRA PLUG-IN GPR KIT) device was held on Tue. 18/1/2022, which talks about the benefits of this device in detecting the cavitation range and the type of erosion range up to 120 m. depth.
The lecture was presented by Dr. Haitham D. Alki, Senior Chief Geologists in Geology Division, with the presence of Mr. Ali H. Hajouj, the Manager of Geology and Geophysics Division, and a number of specialists in this field.
The lecturer explained how the device is working, its important role in exploratory operations in terms of determining the erosion and weathering ranges, the types of data used in this device, knowing the underground reservoirs and the type of soil or layers located underground up to 220 m. depth.

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