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The Director General of the Oil Exploration Company chairs the company's operations meeting

In the context of following up the exploratory work and establishing a solid pillar to deal with situations and crises objectively and professionally, the expert Director General of the OEC, Engineer (Bassim Muhammad Khudair) chaired the seventh weekly meeting of operations, in the presence of the assistant director general for technical and administrative affairs and directors of vertical bodies and departments.
His Excellency commenced the meeting with a welcoming speech, followed by his affirmation to stay away from rumors that impede the progress of the production process, and urged officials to raise awareness among the affiliates of the dangers of these acts, which harm the interests of the company and its affiliates.
His Excellency also recommended officials to open their doors and hear the members' problems and solve them, and pointed to the importance of relying on reconnaissance of work areas before commencing them, determining their validity in terms of security and technical, and extending bridges of cooperation with army units.

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