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The Director General of Oil Exploration Company directs to implement  the “East Haifa” program within Karbala and Anbar governorates ...


 This was on Sat. 9/12/2023 during his field visit to the site of the 1st seismic crew operating in Anbar Governorate.

After finishing his visit, the Director General of the Company, Dr. (Osama R. Hussein), held a meeting in the presence of the managers of the Field Operation Division and units of the crew. The importance of the (East Haifa) project was discussed in terms of economic feasibility, hydrocarbon promising and the importance of this project to the company. He also met with the staff  of the crew, listened to them and instructed to fulfill their requests in accordance with the applicable instructions.

He supervised the plan for transporting machineries and equipment, and directed to implement the safety requirements at the work site to preserve lives and property.

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