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The D.G of OEC continues his field visits for the company's formations

Within his visits for the company formations , the engineer, Mr. Ali J. Hmoud, the D.G of OEC , accompanied with Dr. Osama R. Hussein, the D.G assistant for technical affairs, , Mr. Ali H. Hajouj, the manager of Geology and Geophysics Division, and Mr. Ahmed Youssef, the manager of D.G office, visited the Laboratories Department of the Geology and Geophysics Division to view the details of work , the performance level of the department's employees and their personal and practical needs.
The D.G of OEC talked about the need for making extra efforts to develop the skills of the department's employees , and using advanced technologies to raise the scientific and practical levels of the company.
They also discussed some problems that face the operations in this department and finding solutions for them.
At the end of this visit, the D.G of OEC praised the great role of the department's manager and employees to raise the level of production for public interest.

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