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Seismic Crew:2

With unrelenting determination and keenness to continue working hard to achieve all the Exploration Company goals with effectiveness and distinction.
The Seismic Crew:2 continues, with exceptional and diligent efforts, bending the arm of difficulties and overcoming the obstacles imposed by environmental, climatic and terrain conditions on Block /12 of the 3D Survey project, achieving a high achievement rate of more than 71% of the 27,674 registered energy points during a record period and with additional working hours and higher productivity levels It is customary and prepared in the corporate plan.
In a related context, the company’s general manager, Mr. Nashwan Muhammad Nuri, congratulated the tireless efforts of the crew
He said: The cadre of the seismic crew:2 has made us accustomed to presenting creative achievements in record time, with high efficiency and accuracy, which indicates the eagerness of this staff to achieve positive results that provide us with the seismic information necessary to complete the exploratory drilling work and to supplement the governorates of Muthanna and Najaf Al Ashraf with oil revenue and employ the largest possible number of manpower in the two Governorates .
It should also be noted that among the accomplishments of the crew is the completion of the stabilization work of the energy and reception points, as well as the engineering effort work by the unit surveying and engineering effort by 100%.

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