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Oil exploration: Receiving a new batch of homemade caravans.

 In order to support the national product and based on the insightful vision of the top management of the company in the need to deal with local institutions to save effort and money and rotate the wheel of national production in the service of the public interest and within the framework of the contract between our company and the General Company for Hydraulic Industries to supply explorations with homemade caravans.

The company's warehouse management received the seventh and before the last batch of (8) caravans out of (76) caravans, at the instruction of the senior management, and was transferred to the headquarters of the seismic crew: 8.

This came in a statement by an official source in our company, in which he confirmed that the equipped local caravans are distinguished by their accuracy, durability and high specifications, and that they have proven their competence with the imported product by tangible evidence.

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