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OEC Director General met a number of special daily workers

Our company was keen to evaluate the performance of workers to raise the level of work, as in case of honoring the specialists of all fields to raise the level of competition between the employees to be a model for their colleagues and to encourage them to provide their best for public interest
So within the programs and plans made for this purpose, Mr. (Basim M. Khudair), OEC Director General, met a number of special daily workers from the company’s divisions and departments on Tue. 31 /5/2022 at Ninawa Hall
He welcomed them then directed to take care and develop them by participating in the development courses held by the company.
Stressing the necessity of studying the requests submitted by this important staff and studying by the managers of the related divisions and departments in line with the executed instructions and laws
He recommended to provide a safe and quiet work environment with mutual respect between the employees
He stated: "We are proud to belong to this ancient institution, which is very important in the field of oil industry, which seeks to keep up with the global technological development by developing its programs, equipment and staff, evaluating work and workers and create a spirit of competition and creativity between them to provide the best"
At the end of the meeting, he thanked the attendees and financial rewards were distributed among the specialists

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