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OEC Director General Attended a Lecture Entitled (Glimpses of Iraq’s Oil Memory)

A lecture entitled (Glimpses of Iraq’s Oil Memory) was held in al-Aqsa Hall at the Ministry of Oil headquarters, presented by Mr. Thamer al-Ghadhban, the Deputy Prime Minister, Former Oil Minister, attended by the Deputy of Oil Ministry for Refining and Distribution Affairs, the engineer, Mr. Ali Jasim Hammood, OEC Director General, and a number of employees.

Mr. al-Ghadhban reviewed the most important achievements and activities achieved by national staff during the past years, the role of international companies in developing oil industry, the most important challenges, political, security and economic conditions that faced the development of oil and gas industry in Iraq, the processes of developing and studying a number of oil reservoirs for some oil fields, including Majnoon, al-Rumaila fields and others, he also discussed the negative effects of wars and terrorist operations on oil industry, disrupting development operations, then he focus on the steps taken to save the Ministry of Oil after 2003, the resumption of production, refining, distribution and export operations, pipeline networks and storage energies, then he participated with the experts, Mr. Farouq al-Qasim and Mr. Tariq Shafiq to prepare a draft of oil and gas law.

 He talked also about the importance of establishing the National Oil Company, the importance of the national strategy of energy in 2013, in addition to the global oil markets and another subjects, then started discussions and questions.

At the end of the lecture, the attendees expressed their thanks and appreciation to Mr. Thamer al-Ghadhban, for his important information he provided.