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OEC completed operations at (2D) Ghannami – Almili in Al -Muthanna Governorate

 According to the great and distinguished role of the seismic crews' staff, and the responsibilities that assigned to this formation by OEC senior management, and by implementing the directives and plans of the Iraqi National Oil Company aimed to maximize the Hydrocarbon reserve and compensate the depleted, the staff of 3rd seismic crew completed their operations at (2D) Ghannami – Almili in Al -Muthanna Governorate with great efforts despite the difficult climatic conditions and geographical nature of the area which characterized by its rocky nature with many hills and vallyes.
Dr. Osama R. Hussein, the assistant of OEC Director General for technical affairs, stated about the details of the project saying that the staff of 3rd seismic crew, one of the formations of the Field Operation Division, completed operations at (2D) Ghannami – Almili project with 64196 source point , that is %99.31 achievement ratio.
Note that the area of the project is 2761.120 km2 and located in the southwestern part of Iraq within the administrative borders of Al -Muthanna Governorate. He added that this achievement is added to the achievements of OEC in particular and to INOC in general Mr. Basim M. Khudair, OEC Director General, said that we success in achieving this project by personal efforts, he also confirm that the next stages of work will be processing field data, followed by interpreting the seismic data to determine the location of the exploratory well, then starting with the exploratory drilling operations and counting the hydrocarbon reserve, thanking them for their national great efforts. He added that we must overcome the obstacles and reach the highest levels of achievements of our company.

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