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A seminar to review the achievements of the oil exploration company for the year 2020, which was full of giving

In the presence of the Assistant Director General for Projects Affairs, Dr. Osama Raouf Hussein, a seminar to review the most important achievements of 2020 for the period 10-11 / 2/2021 at the Muhammad Fawzi Hall

The seminar opened with a speech in which he said: Holding this seminar has become an annual tradition carried out by the Oil Exploration Company for the fourth year in a row to evaluate the performance of the bodies and divisions and all the divisions and basic units in the company. The performance evaluation depends on the plans developed by our company under the direction of the Director General and the implementation of the Planning Commission and coordination with the vertical divisions in the company and is approved by the senior management.

The Media section presented a documentary film about the company's achievements, after which the directors of the bodies and departments gave a brief review of the most important achievements of their bodies and departments during the year 2020.

Nashwan Muhammad Nuri, General Manager of the company, praised the efforts made to hold the seminar, praising these achievements, which are considered more than wonderful in light of the exceptional circumstances of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the ban imposed by the Crisis Cell. In record times, he blessed the efforts of the seismic teams who insist on challenging environmental conditions and implementing seismic survey programs in every inch of the homeland.

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