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1st Geological Conference - Geo Basra -1

The Oil Exploration Company participated in the first geological conference / Geo Basra -1 held by the Presidency of the University of Basra under the slogan (Our natural resources are the source of our national economy) during the period from 15 to 17 March.
**Thr participation included the presentation of three researchs :

** The first research dealt with the subject of stratigraphy of the sediments of the late Jurassic period in southern Iraq, presented by the Deputy Director of the Geology and Geophysics Division , Mr. Hussein Shuwail Odeh.
** The second research also dealt with an integrated geophysical study of the southwest of the Najaf region presented by the head of geologists in the above-mentioned Division , Mr. Salar Saadi.
** While the last research dealt with the topic of reservoir description (quantitative interpretation) using 3D seismic data and well data to form the supervisor in Fayhaa field in southern Iraq, presented by Mr. Ammar Ahmed Jaber / Senior Geologist.
The organizers of the conference commended the fruitful participation of the representatives of the OEC and awarding them certificates of appreciation, and the conference came up with several recommendations that would develop the work and implement the geological plans marked.

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