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Director General of the OEC: Our staff is working with determination and persistence in order to explore the hydrocarbon structures

 The Director General of the Oil Exploration Company, Engineer Ali Jassim Hammoud, affirmed his support for the national effort staff represented by the seismic crews in our company, which is one of the leading national companies in the field of extracting hydrocarbon resources.

Mr. Ali Jassim said, "In view of the great and honorable achievements that have been made for the development of the oil industry, we congratulate the efforts of our staff in the seismic crews spread throughout the country, who were known for their high determination to overcome the difficulties, which made us look forward to the best, as today we are proud of the level it has reached our company in terms of its comparison with international companies.

He added, "Continuous determination and persistence was the element of success in the exploration of hydrocarbon formations, as we are implementing our strategic plans towards optimal investment in oil and natural gas extraction operations in support of the national economy," indicating the possibility of adding these formations to the country's reserves to be catalysts to increase the national production of oil and gas.

It should be noted that the Oil Exploration Company represents the main solid pillar of the Ministry of Oil, as it was able to achieve important steps in the field of exploration through the spread of seismic crews on a large scale, as well as conducting surveys of vast areas of our country.

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