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Seismic crew <span>in all Iraq</span> Seismic Crew

Seismic Crew 3

Seismic Crew 3 had founded in 2009 .the nature of seismic crew 3 is vibratory for caring out the programs ,number of the crew (357)permanent employees ,contract workers ,and daily wages workers.

The seismic crew3 consist of four sections, three of them are technical, the another is administrative.

  • Quality Control Section:

Consist of Geophysics , and surveying unit both of them are working on apply the regulations that designed by specialized Geophysics  in quality control department at the center of the company and send the theoretical coordinates that to be gained after design the programs that wanted to be explored on work system in surveying unit for the purpose of fixing on the ground and send files sps to recording unit to perform recording process and sending the daily , monthly reports over the consequences of recording points after  then these points to be processed to quality control.

  • Recording Section:

Consist of (recording, recording workshop) units the mission of recording unit is the spread of the field materials in lines of work and recording energy points to be sent to Geophysics unit, while recording workshop maintenance the field materials.

  • Mechanical Section

Consist of vibrators, generators and automobile mechanic, transportation, fuel and oils, engineering efforts and stores unit for the purpose of recording energy points, the other units of this section consider as supporter unit.

  • Administrative section

Consist of (administrative, trip management, work permit. Camp services) units, the mission of administrative section is to regulate and support the technical sections.

 QHSE unit: this unit is linked with head of seismic crew its mission to apply the measures of environment at the location of the camp so the seismic crew lines.

                                         Implemented projects

 1-ukaz project-3D/ national efforts.

2-Anna Graben 3D/ national efforts

3-Al-mansouryia project -3D /TPOC

4-Samawa –Dewan project 3D /national efforts

5-Block 8 project – 3D /PPL Company

6-Lagish -3D /national efforts

7-Block 10 project -2D/Lock Oil Company

8-Ur project -2D /national efforts

9-Block 12 project -2D /Russian Bshneft

10-Gannamy –Mely -2D /national efforts (under implementation)

Applicable systems

Geophysics system unit

1-GEOLAND 5000


Surveying unit system

1-GPSISMC 2011

2-Arcmap 10.4

Recording unit system

  • 408 U2
  • 428XL