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Seismic crew <span>in all Iraq</span> Seismic Crew

The second seismic crew

The seismic crew 2 was established in 2007 and implemented many projects using the 2D and 3D survey method, using vibrators as a source of energy, national effort projects and foreign projects that won the customer’s satisfaction and admiration, challenging the different work environments (agricultural areas, residential areas, desert areas, etc.), and the crew’s work is focused on administrative boundaries for the following governorates:

- Thi Qar

- Maysan

- Muthana

- Baghdad

- AL-Njaf

- Karbala

- AL-Qadisiyah

- Wasit

- AL-Anbar

1-Implemented projects

-AL-Garraf project (Dhi Qar Governorate)

A- Western part   B- Eastern part (with Japanese Japex company) 2008.

-Part of Northern Nasryia project (Dhi Qar governorate) 2008 by national efforts.

-East Baghdad project (Baghdad governorate) 2009, 2010 by national efforts.

- South part No. 1, 2, 3.

-Dujaila project (Maysan Governorate) 2011 (National Effort Program).

-Abu Amoud project (Maysan, Dhi Qar Governorates) 2012 (National Effort Program).

-Kumeit (Maysan Governorate) 2013 (National Effort Program).

-Sawa –kufa –AL-haira (AL-najaf –AL-Qadisiyia Governorates) 2013 (National Effort Program).

-Block 12 project (Al-Muthana Governorate) 2014 with Russian Bash Neft Company.

-Muthana –Hadeer- project (AL- muthana Governorate) 2015 (National Effort Program).

-AL-Ukhaider project (Najaf, Karbala, Anbar Governorates) 2016 (National Effort Program).

-Block 10 3D (Muthana, Dhi Qar Governorates) 2017 (with Luk Oil Russian Company).

-AL-Ukaider project –north 2D (karbala – Anbar Gvernorates) 2020 (National Effort Program).

2- Applicable systems:

- Geophysics unit between 2007, 2011 has used the following programs (Mesa design –focus) then from 2011 up to this time using (Geoland, Geocluster) in addition Testif-i and assistive programs (QGIS surfer).

- Surveying unit: Using programs (GPSEISMIC, Arcgis

-recording unit between 2007 – 2012 has used (Sersel 408 ul after 2012 the device has been updated to sersel 428XL THE WORK IS ONGOING UP TO THIS TIME.

- Vibrators unit..Between 2007 to 2013 has used (NOMAD 65 MODEL 2006) after 2013 used vibrators type (NOMAD MODELE 2012.