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Under the chairmanship of the expert Chairman of the Board of Directors

Under the chairmanship of the expert Chairman of the Board of Directors, Engineer (Bassim Muhammad Khudair), the meeting of the first meeting of the Board of Directors was held on January /2022, and during the meeting, (Dr. Osama Raouf Hussein / Assistant Director General for Technical Affairs) was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.
and Mr. (Atheer Karim Qurban / Director of the Legal Department, Rapporteur of the Board of Directors
After that, a number of important axes in the work of the company were discussed, the most prominent of which were:
* The activities and events of the company and the seismic crwes and setting special criteria for selecting the best seismic crew to evaluate its work and its efforts on a monthly basis.
* The issue of holders of educational certificates during service was also raised and the Human Resources Management Department was directed to present a detailed study in light of the central instructions received from the National Oil Company.
* Emphasis on maintaining the safety of affiliates, devices and equipment, following the instructions and instructions issued, and taking the necessary measures to limit the spread of the Corona epidemic.
At the conclusion of the meeting, the Director-General expressed: At every stage, we see a development in work methods in general, which makes our ambition grow and rise for the better and towards our continued preservation of achieving the highest charts and leadership in the oil sector for the benefit of our dear country.

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