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Training course about Guide to the Internal Auditing Units

The Auditing department in cooperation with the planning division / training and development department held a training course entitled "Guide to the Internal Auditing Units) for the period (27/3 - 7/4/2022) at (Alta'alim almustamer) hall in the company's headquarters provided by Mr. Munir Nasser - Manager of the Control and Internal Auditing Department.
The course aimed to explain the principles of control and auditing, including a number of axes, which are defining the tasks of control and auditing, old and new concepts of auditing, and developing procedures for all controlled formations.
A number of the staff of the administrative and financial departments, and specialists were participated in this course, during which many scientific discussions aimed to explain the work of internal auditing units were took place.
At the end of the course, participants were tested and they awarding with participation certificates.

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