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The visit of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for Extraction Affairs to the Oil Exploration Company

The Undersecretary for Extraction Affairs, Mr. Kareem Hattab Jaafar, visited the company’s headquarters on Sunday 31/7/2022 to congratulate Mr. Engineer Ali Jassim on the occasion of his assumption of the position of Director General of the Oil Exploration Company.
Mr. kareem Hattab affirmed his sovereignty’s readiness to provide support to the OEC to continue its rich bid and achieve more distinguished achievements and successes in the field of the Oil Industry, referring to the amount of efforts and achievements provided by the staff of this company in all its joints to the Ministry of Oil, especially what the heroes of the seismic crews presented.
For his part, the Director General of the OEC expressed his happiness for this visit in his saying: We were honored today in the visit of the Undersecretary for Extraction Affairs, where His Excellency made some important observations that help push the wheel of production forward and thus serve the interest of the country and the citizen.
We are all confident in the capabilities of our staff in the oil sector and their eagerness to achieve success, catch up with foreign companies and keep pace with Development and even progress within the ranks of these companies
We hope that all of our Oil Industry, especially our Company, which has proven with tangible evidence its ability to launch in the areas of creativity, will meet all the needs of the Company and its affiliates, especially the staff working in the seismic crews, and God is the guardian of success.
The honorable visit of the Undersecretary ended with the most cordial words and good wishes for success for the Ministry, the company and the entire oil sector in beloved Iraq.

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