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The Seismic Crew 6 rounds off its work in the program (Milh _ Ramada) in Najaf Governorate

The members of the Seismic crew 6 accomplished the work in the (Milh-Ramada) program in Najaf Governorate on October 26, 2021 in a record period 86 days ahead of the scheduled completion date, and according to the production plan established by the Planning Commission, this achievement came as a new addition to the company’s rich balance of successes .
For his part, the Director General of the OEC, the expert, Engineer (Bassim Muhammad Khudair), said: The completion of this program is a clear imprint in the record of our company, as it is a promising and invasive project, and the main importance of its survey lies in updating the structural images, verifying the old structures and trying to explore new structures from By making use of modern seismic survey software.

Mr. Bassim added
From this position, I salute you, and I salute in you the spirit of perseverance, and this breakthrough towards accomplishing the work entrusted to you, and the result of this great achievement is evidence of your keenness and dedication to work for the benefit of our dear country and your glue company.

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