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The Seismic Crew: 6  … advanced achievement ratios in (Milh Ramada) program.

The Seismic Crew :6 , one of the formations of the Field Work Division in our Company, was able, by the efforts of its unlimited and distinguished employees, and the support of the higher management through its production record, to achieve high achievement rates that reached 40% of the total volume of the (Milh Ramada ) program in the Governorate of Najaf, despite the environmental difficulties that the Crew and its employees are facing, but they have broken the 200-point barrier with one staff of vibrators, where the completion rate was recorded at 201 points on 3/8/2021, with an unprecedented achievement since its inception in 2015.

(Milh Ramada) the 2D program, is considered to have a hydrocarbon potential and one of the promising projects that the OEC took upon herself to implement with national expertise and the latest seismic survey equipment.

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