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The Oil Exploration Company holds its periodic meeting for managers of divisions and departments to discuss a number of issues

As part of following up the progress of work and implementing the company’s future plans, the Director General of Oil Exploration Company, Dr. Osama R. Hussein, chaired on Tue. 21/11/2023 at Ninawa Hall in the company’s headquarters a meeting with the managers of the company’s divisions and departments.
The meeting included discussing a number of issues of the company’s work for its interest and the interest of its employees, and discussing issues about the progress of work and what has been accomplished by its affiliated divisions, departments and sections, especially the completion rates of seismic crews during the second half of the year, as well as reviewing the problems and obstacles that faced the work, opportunities to improve them and provide the necessary recommendations accordingly.
During the meeting, a number of suggestions and interventions that would develop the work and raise the level of performance were put forward,
The Director General directed all production divisions and departments in the company to support the staff working in the company to achieve the five-years plan in an optimal way, especially the staff of seismic crews.
He also praised the creation of the Citizens Affairs Section, which is concerned with receiving requests and complaints from citizens and employees, organizing them, and directing their complaints to the competent bodies.

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