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The field work Division in the Oil Exploration Company holds a technical workshop within the plan to develop work methods and document its vocabulary

In order to sustain the company's business development plan

The Field Work Division / Supervision and Follow-up Unit, with the participation of the Audit Department and the Engineering Department, held a special technical workshop in Nineveh Hall on Monday, June 14, 2021 Which included a comprehensive presentation of the new updates on the vehicle and equipment maintenance program in the seismic crews, which was prepared with the efforts of the company’s staff and in the presence of a number of specialists.

The main program that receives the data recorded in the sub-programs working in the seismic crews was presented to be displayed in one program linked to a main database available on the “online server ” , where a special server for the program was provided by the "Information and Communications Technology Department" in order to quickly access information required, whether by the Field Work Division, the Audit Department, the Engineering Department, or any party concerned with accessing the maintenance data for all the company’s equipment, which facilitates the follow-up process and is positively reflected on the technical condition of those equipment.

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