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The Expert, Basim Muhammad Khudair, Director General of the Oil Exploration Company, Chairs the First Meeting

The expert, Basim Muhammad Khudair, Director General of the OEC, chaired the first meeting on Wednesday, 28/7/2021, at Nineveh Hall, to get acquainted with the company’s leadership cadre.

The meeting was attended by the assistants and directors of the Divisions and departments, where he began with a welcoming speech, praising the company's role and position among the Oil Sector Companies, and its energies and a history full of achievements.

He also expressed his belief in attractive management and teamwork in order to achieve all desired goals, stressing the investment of promising human energies in order to develop scientific and practical skills. He also pointed out the importance of following health and safety procedures in all course of the company's work.

The meeting concluded by urging the affiliates to redouble efforts to secure national wealth, strengthen national economic stability and achieve prosperity for all through optimal investment of wealth.