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The (ERP) project unifies the work of the Oil Exploration Company for financial, administrative and warehouse systems

The Programming Section in the Information and Communication Technology Department of the OEC has implemented the (ERP program) using the (ORACLE database) to form a unified program for managing institutional resources (ERP) and dispense with paper information, in the interest of the company's management represented by the Director General to keep pace with scientific and technical developments.
The Internet Unit had clear efforts in preparing this integrated system and starting work on it at the beginning of 2021, after several tests were conducted since 9/1/2020 to ensure the success of the program and the accuracy of the information it provides.
This project consists of several programs, including (HR), which is an administrative program that gives all the requirements of the company, that is, it has become a bank for employee information, through which the user can access the most accurate information in a very record time with high accuracy and complete confidentiality
The program has been linked to secure networks for use by more than one user, and each user is separate from the other to maintain the confidentiality of information.