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The Director General of the Oil Exploration Company, during his weekly interview, said: “Our goal is to overcome obstacles and enhance connecting with our employees”

The Director General of the Oil Exploration Company, Dr. Osama R. Hussein, conducted on Mon. 27/11/2023 interviews with a number of the company’s employees to listen to their problems and requests to find the appropriate solutions for them in accordance with the applicable regulations and instructions.
The Director General stated that the goal of conducting interviews is to solve employees’ problems within the policy of the company to overcome obstacles facing employees.
He had previously stated: “we are ready to listen to the problems and obstacles, and this is a part of the program of the company's senior management to raise the level of performance of the company and its employees”.
For their part, the employees expressed their thanks and gratitude to the Director General for giving them the opportunity to listen for them and solve their problems according to the legal and administrative contexts.

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