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OEC Held a Symposium Entitled (The Development of the Arabian Plate and Prospective Hydrocarbon in the Area)

The Geology and Geophysics Division of OEC held a symposium entitled (the Development of the Arabian Plate and Prospective Hydrocarbon in the Area), attended by the engineer, Mr. Ali Jasim Hammood, D.G of OEC and his assistant for extraction affairs, in addition to a number of specialists in oil exploration sector.

The symposium which was held on Thu. 26/1/2023 at Mohammed Fawzi Hall, is to develop the terrestrial and marine explorations, enhance the capabilities of employees working in this field and provide them with new information to get benefit of them in different fields of work.

Dr. Sa’ad Z. Jasim, the Adviser Expert, presented a lecture entitled (The Arabian Plate and Prospective Hydrocarbon in Arabian Peninsula) in which he talked about the geological and structural development of the Arabian Plate with its extensions and how to effect on Iraq and area, determined the systems of tectonic and saline range, and promising areas in terms of the existence of hydrocarbon regionally, in addition to the importance of desert areas and linking with the fields of neighboring countries.

The lecture included scientific discussions about oil industry between the lecturer and participants who specialized in geological affairs. It resulted in valuable results and information that experts will benefit from in their exploratory operations in the future.