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OEC Director General: Preparing to Start Exploratory Drilling Takes a Large Part of Our Interests.

As a part of following up the implementation of exploratory drilling plan for oil and gas of National Oil Company
Mr. Basim M. Khudair, OEC Director General, headed a meeting on Mon. 24/1/2022 with the presence of Dr. Osama R. Hussein, assistant of OEC Director General for Technical Affairs, and representatives of upstream companies (BOC, TOC, IDC, NOC, MDOC, and MOC), they discussed the importance of exploratory drilling and the requirements to be prepared for this project.
Mr. Basim said: "The great interest of Mr. Ihsan A. Ismael, Minister of Oil/ the head of NOC, concerning the exploratory drilling project for its great importance in upgrading the oil and gas reserves and overcoming all obstacles to success all plans and achieve its aim, as well as establishing a technical committee to prepare drilling programs and other technical committee to determine the specifications and quantities of materials needed for drilling operations."
He added:" the main aim of this project is to maximize the hydrocarbon reserves of the country and compensate the depleted. We will proceed with this great project and have a great confidence in abilities of our employees in NOC to provide the best and implement all works to success the exploratory drilling operations with national efforts by drilling oil and gas wells in the future, which will be proceded by drilling exploratory wells in most areas of Iraq according to oec's plan.
We affirm that this project will be within our priorities based on our national and moral responsibilities.

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