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Director General of OEC visits Maysan Operations Section

Engineer Ali Jassim Hmoud, D.G. of the Oil Exploration Company, visited on Sunday, 14/8/2022, Maysan Operations Section / One of the formations of field operation division and its workshops, to looking at the nature and details of the work and its data, the difficulties facing the affiliates and impeding the work process and how to develop solutions.
His Excellency affirmed the commitment to the conditions of public health and safety in order to preserve the members, mechanisms and equipment, and praised the efforts made by all members of the Section, saying:
Responsibility is a national and moral duty, and everyone is responsible for a certain part of the exploratory work. I have sensed diligence and dedication to work. I hope everyone will continue to give and work in order to achieve the company’s aims and add a mark in its record of creativity, which is full of great achievements.
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