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A solid Iraqi will storm the Muthanna desert

The heroes of the Seismic Crew/3 in the Oil Exploration Company, one of the major companies of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, are completing the 2D seismic survey program (Ubaid) within Al-Muthanna Governorate, specifically in the Badia, with difficult geographical conditions and nature, especially in winter.

The number of implemented points reached (14728) points from the program area of 1473 km - length, at a rate of 100% within the borders of “Nokrat Al-Salman”, which is of a complex nature.

The completion was done in specified time limit, with the great guidance and support provided by the senior management of the company and the guidance of the head of the seismic crew, Mr. (Adnan Muhammad Taha). Also, the administration of Samawah Governorate and the local government have a big role in that by providing protection and security for workers and equipment in the project, which will have great positive reflections for people of Al-Muthanna Governorate in the near future.

 The Director General of the OEC, Engineer Ali Jassim Hammoud, praised this important achievement, applauding the efforts made by the members of the Seismic Crew/3 to complete the project with a high national spirit and determination that has no limits, and the role of this important achievement in exploring hydrocarbon reserves for Oil and Gas, increasing the reserves and compensating the depleted from to support the national economy.

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