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Seismic crew <span>in all Iraq</span> Seismic Crew

7th seismic crew (3D)

Seismic crew 7 had founded in 2019 to work in Nineveh governorate and the purpose of its work in this governorate is due to the hydrocarbon storage that the governorate contains.

Own human resources of different technician competences their number 31 employees, and it is the first team working in the northern region and has proven its success in achieving the highest production rates among the seismic teams due to the difference the nature of the land in the region and is currently implementing "the first exploration project (Qasab - Jawan) by means of a three-dimensional survey (3D) where (the Geoland) and (the Geoclester) systems are used, and advanced devices such as (the 428XL recording device) and (65-MEWNOMED vibrators), which are used for the first time in seismic teams.