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7th seismic crew (3D)

(3D) 7th seismic crew
The 7th Seismic crew had founded in 2019 to work in Nineveh governorate, the purpose of its work in this governorate is due to the hydrocarbon reserve that the governorate contains.
The crew works with staff of various specializations, their number are 31 employees, it is the first crew working in the northern region and has proven its success in achieving the highest production rates among the seismic crews due to the difference of nature of the land, and is currently implementing the first exploration project (Qasab - Jawan) by a three-dimensional survey (3D) where (the Geoland) and (the Geocluster) systems are used, and advanced devices such as (the XL428 recording device) and (NOMED MEW-65 vibrators), which are used for the first time in seismic crews.
The program that the crew is currently implementing:
3D Qasab Jawan program
General information about the program:-
The boundaries of the 3D Qasab-Jawan project extend within Nineveh Governorate, with an area of 817.87 km2, at a distance of 40 km south of al-Mosul Governorate, west of the districts of Al-Qayara and Al-Shura, The program area is distinguished by its varying topography as a result of its location in the unstable shelf, it is a medium mountain chain of low elevation, The area's elevations are varying (180-370)m, and extend southeast to northwest, it is the mountain range of Jawan which is an extension of the mountain range within which the two fields (Najma Qayara) are located, its direction is (northwest-southeast).
Along this range and its north extends (Wadi al-Qasab) which is relatively deep, its direction is (northwest-southeast).
The area can be described as agricultural, where most of the land within the program is cultivated with rain fed winter crops (wheat and barley), there are many villages scattered over the program area.
1 325,995,624 3964984.077
2 304,313,977 3,980,736,776
3 309,192,677 398,7451,576
4 303,691,377 3991448.476
5 314,168,576 4005869.223
6 34,151,523 3,986,119,624
7 325,995,624 3964984.077

Coordinates of boundaries of the 3D Qasab Jawan project
General stats about the program:
the beneficiary NOC (national effort)
Project name/country Qasab - Jawan - 3D / Iraq seismic survey type 3D
Governorate Mosul governorate
performing crew 7th seismic crew
Field tests starting date 22-26/12/2019
The staring date of survey operations 31/12/2019 spreading starting date 25/2/2020
The starting date of recording operations 13/3/2020
Project volume 818 km²
The total number of energy points 220320
The number of points recorded during the year 103,304 points
The volume of the implemented part during the year 107.5 km²
The completion rate of Fourth quarter 76%
Crew type vibrators
Camp type Mobile / caravans