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Seismic Amphibious Crew 5 (2D)

(2D) 5TH Seismic Amphibious Crew
The 5th seismic amphibious crew was formed in 2015 at Maysan operations site in al-Amara city and implemented many programs using the survey unit systems (GPS eisimage), geophysics unit ( geoland) , ( geocluster) , deep drilling rig and recording unit 428 with 270 employees, in addition to 250 workers on a daily wage.
Implemented projects
• 3D Njaf- Karbalaa program, which was completed at the end of 2018.
• 3D Sabbah – Luhais program in Dhi Qar governorate, in its two parts, the southern part, in which the vibrators were used as a source of energy, and using dynamite in the north part as a source of energy as it is located in the marshes area, it was completed in June - 2020.
• The 2D (East Dujaila) program is in Wasit Governorate, work is still continuing with it until now, despite the difficulties and obstacles due to the vast agricultural areas and the large number of irrigation projects, villages and residential complexes.
The current program that the crew is implementing:
2D North Al-Ahdab program (national effort):
The 2D North Al-Ahdab project is located in the central region of Iraq, specifically in the eastern part of central Iraq. It is bordered with the northeast by Diyala Governorate and from the south by al-Kut city. The area of the project within Wasit Governorate.
• The length of the program lines is 1770.25 km / length, and the number of program points is 35405 points
• Starting work in the program on 20/11/2021.
• The crew completed the North Al Ahdab program on 5/12/2022.
• The number of implemented points reached 33038, The volume of the implemented part of the program was 1651.9.
• The percentage of completion of the program reached (93%) of the program volume.
• The crew started moving to implement Ali Al-Gharbi – Shehabi program with (self-efforts).
• The crew's completion rate reached (98%) of the program's annual plan during 2022.
The crew uses a dynamite energy source to implement the program
General stats about the program:
The beneficiary : MDOC (a national effort).
Project Name / Country : 2D North - Ahdab/ Iraq
Seismic Survey Type: 2D
Governorate: Anbar
The implementing crew: the 5th seismic crew
Transfer date for the program : 16/10/2021
Field tests date: 14/11/2021
The starting date of the survey operations: 17/11/2021
The starting date of recording operations: 20/11/2021
The project volume: 1770.25 km
The total number of energy Points: 35405
The number of recorded points during the year: 29,642 points
The volume of the implemented part during the year: 1482.2 km
Program completion rate: 93%
The crew type: dynamite
The camp type: mobile / caravans




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