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Seismic crew <span>in all Iraq</span> Seismic Crew

1st seismic crew

Seismic crew 1 had founded in 1970at Basra /Alborjisyia  considered the essential foundation in the work of oil exploration company that own human resources  of different technician competences their number 297 employees , so the seismic crew :1 possess 41 heavy equipment and 52 light  many projects were achieved 2D ,3D according to below:

1-Zubair - (3D test).

2-Nasryia -3D

3-Badra -3D

4-Marhan -3D

5-Dhafria -3D

6-Waset -3D

7-W-qurna2 -3D

8-W-qurna -3D

9-N-NE-Nasriri 3D

10-N-NE-Nassiri 3D

11-Gharaf Abu Amoud -2D

12-Gharaf Abu Amoud -2D

13-Zrubatia – saad – Tarik-2D

14-East Wasit –Badra -2D

Seismic crew :1 consist of many units each of them complete the other, quality control is working according to modern international systems ,it based on the work of the assistance unit Geoland geocluster so follow up quality the recorded field data with recording unit that work(recording unit ) according to modern international systems related to seismic survey, after recording data the role of vibrators unit comes ,`it represent the source of energy in form shock waves sends inside the earth , the vibrator has developed communication system gives signal to 9 vibrators through that they wanted area would clarified for work.

Surveying unit limited over implement the maps of the area so arrange the camp in order to begin the work, then comes the role of trip management unit for vehicles to appoint the place of equipment according to dependable maps each equipment has waring system anticipation for any emergency situation to alert HSE   in the camp to avoid the danger and damage.